Thursday, 7 May 2009


"Eh hem" (clears throat)....In conlusion, to this project I shall now sum up a few things I have to say!

Firstly.........what i learnt & what worked well.

  • I got some fabulous responses from the people of Leicester on my Vox Pops shoot. Without them, this documentary would have been utterly pointless. They gave me proof that people needed a little lesson about burlesque. And although they wern't "as stupid as i thought", they were still lacking in a few areas.
  • I learnt that it was alot easier to persuade people to be interviewed, to let me use thier venues or to let me film them stripping..than i initialy predicted.
  • I also learnt that I probably couldn't have made this without my entourage of camera & sound guys.....who willingly stepped in when i was rushing around trying to interview people. They listened very well to everything I said and cooperated wonderfully when taking instructions from me about angles, zooming, panning, where to shoot from etc.
  • I learnt about the importance of good sound recording. Which, I may not have achieved at all times but am getting better at (i think?).

What didn't work and what else I woul have done:

  • The main issue i found which meant this piece wasn't quite as good or as long as i'd have liked it to be, was the timescale. Ok, probably my fault....not that i didnt work on it enough or stick to my schedule... but that I set myself waaaaaay too much stuff. I originally was looking at creating a 20 min piece! In the end I just plain ran out of time to interview everybody and film all the little extra bits I wanted :(
  • This leads me onto my future plans.... I don't think I want to just leave it at this point.....I'd love to carry on and possibly use this as a starting point for next year's work. I wish i'd have had time to expand on it more and there were so many other things I wanted to include; nipple tassel making, interviews with Jeannie Finlay & Jo LaVey, also interviews with Betsy Von Blush, Treacle Tart and a few of the other girls from the society.
  • I did film short interviews with other girls from the society on the night of thier show, however it turned out to be too dark and too noisy for the footage to be usable.
  • This was a technical problem I came across....I spent a whole night filming & interviewing and the only footage that I was able to use was from the performances.

So....there is probably a hell of alot more stuff I could ramble on about but for the time being my brain feels slightly frazzled (and I'm sure yours does too after reading all this crap).

I hope you all like it, and watch this space.........there is more to come!

(At some point)

Emma :)

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