Monday, 4 May 2009

Been a while...

Yes, it's been a while since i've updated you all on the progress of my documentary, sorry :(

There is good news and bad news:

Firstly, the good news is that I've done a nice little interview with Amy aka Amber Voltage, dicussing the likes of confidence boosting, routine planning, props, stockings and the opinions of her peers.

The bad news is that I have been unable to interview La Vey (corset maker), due to miss-communication and timing issues.

There are also others i'd have liked to have been able to interview such as Sammy aka Betsy Von Blush (about hair and make-up) and also Jeannie Finlay, director of Goth Cruise.

Something i have become aware of is quite how big this project could be, in terms of expantion, areas to explore, more visual material etc. I wish the timescale for this could have been longer as there is so much more i would do. Maybe this will be open for continuation as a final year project?

Editing is underway now and I will keep you posted on any problems that arise.

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