Friday, 6 March 2009

Research & Development

My research will comprise of the following:

  • Knowledge already gained from being a member of the Burlesque Society
  • First hand experiece (as a Burlesquer
  • Interviews with other members of the society
  • Library research
  • Internet research
  • Interviews with people who work alongside the burlesque industry, hopefully Jo La Vey, a local corset maker. (
  • Possible interview with Jeannie Finlay, director of "Goth Cruise".
  • The ultimate bible of burlesque: "The Art of Teese/The Art of Fettish" by Dita Von Teese

I am also taking a trip to Paris next week and then in April I will be going to a 3 day burlesque convention in London....a great opportunity for both research and footage for the project.

As i said earlier, this is a topic which I have strong access to and have pleanty of contacts and opportunities to make use of during the project.

Possible risks/problems:
Filming permission in Paris & London (at events)
Timescale, London event being in April
Gaining backstage access to shows.

Time Plan

Week 23: Paris trip. Visit Moulin Rouge...also any other prime burlesque spots...maybe try and get to a real french burlesque show.

Week 23: Film at auditions for Demon Belles "Rule Britannia" show. Collect Vox Pops on the topic of "Burlesque" out and about in Leicester.

Week 24: Interviews; Luci King (Cindy Minx) founder of Burlesque Society, Shannon (Treacle Tart) , Emma Jennings (India Starr), Sammy Brennan (Betsy Von Blush) friends and fellow burlesquers, Jo La Vey, local corset maker. Possibly Jeannie Finlay, director of "Goth Cruise".

Week 25: Continuation of interviews. Film at weekly Burlesque Soc meeting, in the lead up to the show.

Week 26: Demon Belles "Rule Britannia" show, backstage and general event footage. After show Vox Pops from audience.

Week 27 part 1: Catch up on creative side of burlesque, nipple tassle making, feather fan making, hair piece making. Interview Darkteaser Burlequer: local proffesional burlesquer and dance teacher.

Week 27 part 2: Chaz Royales Annual London Burlesque Festival.

Week 28: Logging rushes, begin editing

Week29 & 30: On holiday

Week 31: Finish editing

Phew...alot to get my head round but really excited about this project now.

Emma aka Scarlett Soutine

Demon Belles facebook page

La Vey myspace page

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