Thursday, 26 February 2009

Uncovering Burlesque - An insight

When faced with this project I found myself thinking desperately for something which maybe I had shoved to the back of my mind, an idea which at the time hadn't seemed feasable. Then after some time I realised that no such idea existed, my bank of ideas had run out and my eyes had washed over, probably being distracted by something else, completely irrelevant to the course.

Then out of the mist (in my's very misty) came something which grabbed me. I wanted to make a documentary piece shedding light on an issue which many people are miss-informed about. A subject which I have always had an interest in...and more recently gained inside access and first hand experience....

For five months now I have been a member of the university's Burlesque Society, The Demon Belles. During my time so far I have learned so much more than i could ever have anticipated and have really grown quite passionate about it. I now feel that I want to publicise the topic and get people interested and ready to learn what it's really about.

People hear "burlesque" and think of strippers, sleazy night clubs and sleazy women. People who think this are WRONG!

Yes there is sleaze out there, but there is a whole lot more to burlesque. This is why I would like to create a documentary piece investigating burlesque and shedding light on it for people who may not know what it's about or that it even exists.

Being a bit of a documentary junkie I realise the ammount of research involved in producing such a piece of work. I feel that I am in a very good posotion for getting interviews, event shoots, and general inside information. I have a list of people who I can speak to/interview and get contacts from.

I am a big fan of documentaries which perhaps explore the stranger things, things which aren't commonly covered and are possibly contravercial. My main man is broadcaster Mark Dolan who makes wonderful documentaries on the weirdest of topics. His "The World's....and Me" series grabs me. Although some may see his work as exploitative, he does it in an endearing way which never leaves you feeling completly biased. I like his documentary style and would deffinately call upon his work as inspiration.


Mark Dolan - "The World's Tallest Woman and Me"

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